House of Bruar

Pitlochry's Highstreet

No holiday in Pitlochry, Perthshire would be complete without a visit to the House of Bruar shopping experience. This shopping experience will mean that the bargain hunter is spoilt for choice, as there are a lot of international class items to choose from which means a lot of sensational shopping. At the House of Bruar you can truly shop until you drop. There is a lot of places to stay in Pitlochry therefore you can make a full day of it or even have a shopping weekend. The Pitlochry guest houses are very popular with tourists. When you are visiting this area the restaurants Pitlochry has on offer will be very inviting and there is a large array to choose from.

The villages and towns in Perthshire have their fair share of popular high street names and there are also a lot of small shops as well. The House of Bruar is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland and this attraction is home to country clothing shopping.

The House of Bruar was first opened in Pitlochry, Perthshire during 1995 and it is located ten miles from the centre of the town. This shopping experience attracts more than one million visitors on an annual basis. The House of Bruar shopping experience also operates mail shopping all across the world and an online shopping experience.

An entrepreneurial family that had the vision of offering a shop for quality clothes and food first established this shopping experience. It did not take long for the experience to develop into a well-recognised luxury Scottish brand and nowadays the name is compared to names such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Over the fifteen years since the experience was established the site has undergone twelve different extensions in order to be able to cope with the vast amount of tourists that it attracts. The site is attractively built around a courtyard and the new features of the site include a food hall, country clothing and also restaurant. There is further extensions planned for the near future and this will create an even bigger food hall and it will also expand the cashmere and clothing departments.