Pitlochry's Highstreet

The Heathergems visitor centre and factory outlet shop is in Pitlochry, Perthshire. It is here that you can visit and discover how a wonderfully unique product is hand crafted and created to retail for a worldwide market.

Heathergems are a range of Scottish Jewellery, Celtic Jewellery and Natural Gifts made in Scotland with real Scottish Heather and Silver. The unique patented manufacturing process ensures that no two items are ever identical. A visit to Pitlochry must include a visit to the Hethergems Visitor Centre in Pitlochry, as this is the only location in the world that produces such gifts.

The making of a Heathergems product is a careful, controlled process. First the heather is collected from the surrounding Pitlochry hills (a fully sustainable practice). Then the heather is cut in to smaller bundles before it is cleaned and dyed an array of vibrant colours. Afterwards the heather stalks are compressed in to a block, before this is re-cut, turned and sanded. These smaller pieces are then lacquered and used in various items of jewellery such as brooches or earrings, or even as handles for Sgian Dubhs, the now ornamental daggers that complete a highland menswear kilt outfit. Heathergems make ideal presents for both men and women and the visitor centre is an ideal stop for a true quality Scottish gift.