Blair Castle

Blair Castle

The world famous Blair Castle is located in the village of Blair Atholl. This castle is the home for the clan Murray and this family holds the title of Duke of Atholl. The current Duke is John Murray however he resides in South Africa.

John I Comyn who was the Lord of Badenoch established Blair Castle in 1269. He was the neighbour of the Earl of Atholl on the northern side. He started to build on the Earl’s land whilst he was away on crusade and when he returned he complained to the King Alexander the third about the interloper. When he complained to the king he managed to win his land back and he incorporated the tower that had been built into his own castle.

This castle has roots that go back as far as the thirteenth century and over the years the castle has been visited by a massive number of generations of visitors. This castle is located at the start of the Grampian Mountains and you pass it when travelling towards Inverness from the town of Pitlochry. There is a wide range of places to stay in Pitlochry therefore you could enjoy a night or two in the town and visit the castle on your journey to the northern parts of Scotland. Some beautiful scenery surrounds the area of Pitlochry, Perthshire and Blair Castle. This castle is very accessible and it offers a wide range of tours that cater for individuals, groups and families. These tours include themed tours of the castle that will show off specific elements of history and the castle.

Blair Castle has an illustrious long history and over this time it has accumulated some historical artefacts that are fascinating. These artefacts include things such as antique arts, period dress, armour, coats of arms and also antique furniture. This castle has a heritage that is unique and is has played host to a number of different functions which includes team building activities, corporate events, family celebrations and also weddings. The weather in Pitlochry can be a bit damp however when it is nice weather the gardens are a nice location to hold functions and events.