The Enchanted Forest


Pitlochry, Perthshire plays host to a Pitlochry festival that is held on an annual basis to celebrate the autumn. The festival is held alongside the Enchanted Forest and it includes seventeen nights of entertainment and music. There are other events held within the surrounding towns at the same time as this festival is happening. There is a vast number of places to stay in Pitlochry therefore you can enjoy a vacation and make the most of the festival.

The community interest company has created this festival for Perthshire. This company aims to spread the social and economic benefits of this very popular event. This event covers a massive amount of ground and it covers about one thousand square miles, which stretches from Blair Atholl to Birnam. During this spectacular event there are shuttle buses that run between all of the different attractions and destinations. The Enchanted Forest is an award winning attraction, which hosts an outdoor event that features a massive amount of light and sound. This spectacular show takes place on an annual basis and it never fails to be a truly magnificent experience. This experience is suitable for people of all ages and adults and children alike will enjoy it.

There are a lot of different types of accommodation in Pitlochry therefore it is possible to stay over in the town and make the most of this festival event. The Enchanted Forest is designed to last as long as you want it to. If you walk at a moderate pace you can walk around the forest within about sixty minutes. Most people will visit the forest twice or more in order to make sure that they have not missed anything. There are buses running back to the town of Pitlochry every thirty minutes therefore there is an endless amount of options. During the festival it is possible to spend an evening at the event or just enjoy a quick walk around the event. The festival keeps getting better every year therefore it is something that is well worth visiting. There are events that are held in the Pitlochry festival theatre and these happen all years round.