Blair Castle International Horse Trials

Horse Trials

The Blair Castle International Horse Trials are as the name suggests based at Blair Castle. These international horse trials take place on an annual basis and it is a four-day event, which normally takes place in August. This annual event attracts more than thirty seven thousand visitor and a lot of these people will also visit the nearby town of Pitlochry.

These international horse trails are a very popular tourist attraction as it sees amateurs competing against Olympic medallists and they compete in four different event classes. These trials also allow showing classes and British show jumping classes to compete in other disciplines on the turf of Blair Castle.

For people that are visiting this event there is large range of accommodation in Pitlochry. Another very popular attraction within these horse trials is Bruadar Country Fair that is ran alongside the equestrian activities. This event is a true family event and both adults and children will enjoy it. The castle is starting to include more modern and traditional events within the trials along side the equestrian activities. Some of the other traditional events that are incorporated into this event are gundog training and falconry. Some of the modern events that are incorporated are dog agility and vaulting. All of these events let people see and experience countryside pursuits within a controlled environment. There is a large shopping area, which has a large array of attractions and special deals. This shopping area features more than two hundred different stands.

The Pitlochry restaurants and places to stay in Pitlochry also benefit during this four-day event as it attracts a vast amount of visitors who need somewhere to eat and sleep.

Blair Castle International Horse trials is a four day extravaganza and it features all things equestrian and this includes top class three day eventing, Scottish finals of the national pony society, hunter show, pony club games, Clydesdale champions, ex racehorses, show jumping and also championships of Highland ponies.

This event also has a lot to offer in terms of corporate opportunities and this ranges from sponsorship of classes to advertising and includes associate sponsorship and hospitality sponsorship through the title of the event.